It’s time to westernize your wardrobe

by Friday, July 1, 2016

When it comes to western dresses and women’s fashion, there have always been mixed reactions from women at large. Though modernization and liberalism have equally touched the country, there still remains a note of dissent/fear/awkwardness/general censure regarding western outfits and accessories. This is something that has developed roots over the last few decades and the movement of fashion towards being more of a global pursuit has not been aided by societal campaigns and Bollywood movies as much as expected.1234

You may think that we’ve started off on a serious fashion but we had to speak out for once. Women in the country have been subjected to serious fashion deprival in some cases albeit with the exception of wearing Indian outfits and ethnic wear whenever they want. Our dismay has been further fueled by the fact that this is mandated/enforced by a section of older women who themselves have never had the courage/confidence to step out of this enforced ethnic bastion. Agreed, Indian wear has an ethereal appeal and beauty of its own but with fashion going global and new trends coming to stay, should we women stop experimenting?

There were regressive times when western fashion was regarded the prerogative of loose (or simply career) women and also for those who had tons of cash to snap up the same. However, western wear is now equally affordable if not lesser priced and the best brands and customized offerings are all available in the country. There is plenty of choice to fit almost every size, pocket, requirement, taste and aesthetic requirement and this is the ideal time for women to step out of the closet (only fashion meant! :D) and make some serious changes to their wardrobes.

From top class bags online and palazzos to the best of women’s fashion by way of dresses, tees, jeggings, separates, co-ords and even playsuits, there’s plenty on offer for the fashion conscious and stylish woman in today’s times. However, it’s not that women are not making their preferences felt. Almost every online shopping site will report that western wear takes up a whopping 80% of what they sell and women are as always, the biggest customers for the same. Women are showing a marked preference for cool and comfy western wear, particularly when it comes to office wear which was a much-neglected fashion segment earlier.

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Earlier office wear meant wearing sarees/kurtis for most Indian women. However, more and more Indian women are now picking up smart and comfy trousers/jeggings along with smart dresses/tees/shirts for wearing to work which is a huge change from even ten years back! Additionally, women are opting for grand yet functional dresses and playful outfits for dates and romantic evenings while they are also opting for tanks, tees and off shoulder tops for partying, clubbing and simply hanging out. They are also opting for charming and retro dress styles which have been popularized by those vintage American serials we love watching (That 70s Show anyone?).

Take palazzos for instance; these have evolved into an epoch breaking lower outfit which is hugely comfortable and can be worn as a casual outfit or even smartly as a semi-formal or party outfit. Additionally, these can be paired with almost anything and even your Indian kurti so versatility is where these have to be given a full thumbs up! There are western dresses in several cuts and styles as per your desired length that you can try out. There are several attractive women’s fashion collections available at portals like StalkBuyLove which adhere to global motifs and design philosophies while keeping the sensibilities and needs of Indian women into account.

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You will find some of the most elegant bags online at StalkBuyLove to match your outfits. If you’ve strangely been immune to the western revolution, you should start out by picking a pair of trousers/denims and shirts and tees to match. Move onto a couple of elegant dresses for those special occasions along with co-ords or off shoulder tops if you want to get a little experimental and playful. If you’re also into surprising your better half with something sensational, some sexy nightwear coupled with bodysuits and playsuits should serve your purpose (there’s always something delectable about breaking fossilized norms ;)).

StalkBuyLove gives you plenty of options and a vast range to choose from and you will definitely keep coming back for more as you fall in love with the trendy, distinctive and highly unique designs and styles on offer. It’s time to westernize your wardrobe if you haven’t already; you’re already among the mere 10-15% of Indian women who still haven’t (which is definitely good news for us feminists).

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