8 Things To Do in Santorini

by Sunday, October 25, 2015
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When one thinks about Greece the first thing that comes to mind is of the beautiful white washed houses with little blue doors and signature blue domes of many churches across the canvas of a hill surrounded by the ocean. To tell you the truth Santorini’s exquisite beauty stole my heart and those images will never do enough justice. An island with more donkeys than people, more steps than streets, more churches than houses, and more wine than water (or so a sign on the back of a bathroom door told me).

My List of Must dos in Santorini:

1. Go on a wine tour – Santorini is home to some fantastic wineries. Most wine is produced from their flagship white Assyrtiko grape – but let me warn you the wine is extremely acidic because of volcanic ash-rich soil, not so much for the weak hearted. Yamas! (Cheers). Few wineries to visit: Santo winery, Boutari, Gavalas.

2. Take a walk in the most traditional Megalochori village to see historical mansions, old traditional houses, pirate hideaways festooned with steps, narrow and steep paths, some with slippery cobbles.

3. Dive into hot springs – Imagine this! You are in this beautiful yatch. You dive off into the cool and I mean really cool Aegean Sea and swim few meters and unexpectedly, the water changes color and temperature and voila you just swam into hot springs. Ah-mazing! I am still grieving my ruined bikini- please do not wear your favourite swimsuit and definitely not white.

4. Get sun baked on the black sand beaches – To be honest, I am a lazy beach bum and I really enjoyed getting sun baked at black sand beach at Perissa. It’s a bit painful experience and I did turn couple of shades darker but who’s complaining!

5. Stay in a cave house – For an ultimate Greek experience you must stay in a cave house. We stayed in this lovely villa Amalia at Finikia, Oia that we booked on Airbnb.

6. Watch the sunset at Oia – one of the highest on my list of the most picturesque views I’ve ever seen.

7. Dine at Oia and Fira – overlooking the breathtaking view of the unique Santorini Caldera. Few restaurant recommendations Krinaki at Finikia, Argo at Fira, Thalassia at Oia.

8. Akrotiri – If you are one of those with a wee bit interest in history of this beautiful island you should book yourself a tour of Akrotiri. It’s a Bronze Age settlement destroyed by a volcanic eruption.

What to wear in Santorini – Packing Tips:

The island is extremely hot with sudden cool breeze so pack all your maxi dresses, sundresses, skirts, shorts, t-shirts and tanks. Just forget your jeans and body hugging dresses.

Sunglasses are a must; so do pack all your fancy reflective ones.

Flat sandals, Birkenstock, sneakers are absolutely required and heels are a BIG NO NO they will be more of a hindrance on the cobbled paths and let me tell you there is a lot of walking involved.

A wide brimmed hat is your perfect mate for this island – it will shield you against the sun as well as make you look chic.

A smart looking backpack is convenient – stay away from big totes however trendy they might be.

Carry more than one pair of bikini or swimsuit – the more the better to show off those toned abs. Not to forget that the Greek gods are always watching ;). Also good cover-ups always come handy so pack a few.

Just a slice of my fabulous Greek experience – hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed penning it down. 

Until next time.. Opa!!! :) 


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  • Vijay Gupta
    October 25, 2015

    Wow..wonderful going.. Looking forward to read more!

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