Oh Boy!

by Friday, April 20, 2018

Oh Boy!

Can you tell whose famous catchphrase is that? I am sure most of you did, the cutest mouse on the planet, Mickey Mouse!

When I First heard about the VEROMODAxMickey Collection I couldn’t contain my excitement. I mean you are never too old for Mickey. I remember for the longest time I was obsessed with Mickey’s red shorts, yellow shoes and those ears

and Minnie’s cute bow, well maybe I still am. Guilty as charged.

Coming back to the collection, so basically, the whole concept is that Mickey is back from an exotic vacation in Japan. The collection here takes its inspiration from his experiences and souvenirs he collected on this way back. The motifs are derived from traditional Japanese script and origami art.

I picked up this Grey shirt with a Mickey Print on the back and paired it with black denim shorts. The print in the back is amazing and personally, I love styling fun clothes that are practical as well.

Just to jazz it up a bit, I added Polka dot stockings and mickey ears headband :)

The #VEROMODAxMickey collection is available in stores now, so get your hands on it before it’s gone!

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